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Percentage Calculator

Welcome to our Percentage calculator, here you have a few options for calculating percentages such as finding x% of a number, x as % of y and also percentage increase/decreases from x to y.

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How to find % of x

To calculate a specified % of x, divide x by 100 and then multiple the result by the required percentage y
Formula: (x/100)*y=% of x

How to find x as a % of y

To find the percentage of x from y, divide x by y, then multiply the result by 100. The resulting give you the x % of y
Formula: (x/y)*100=x % of y

How to find % increase/decrease

To calculate % increase or decrease, deduct x from y, divide the result by x, then multiply the result by 100, the resulting will show the % increase or decrease
Formula: ((y-x)/x)*100=% inc/dec