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Journey Cost Calculator

Welcome to the journey cost calculator, a simple way to calculate the fuel cost of any journey with the input of just the mileage, cost of fuel per litre and your vehicles economy in MPG or l/100km. I've also added some tips and information on how to find out (and improve) your cars economy if you need it

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What is the fuel cost calculator?

Have you ever wondered just how much it would cost in fuel to pay for a journey? Using our calculator you can achieve an accurate price estimate, which comes in handy when car sharing journey's with others allowing you to approximately know how much the fuel will cost before you even leave. All the calculator needs is the journey distance, the price of the fuel and the MPG rating of your car and we'll do the rest.

How to calculate the journey/fuel cost of a journey?

Calculating the fuel cost of a journey does require you to know a few variables, namely your vehicles economy in either MPG (miles per gallon) or l/100 (litres per 100km), the distance of the journey and the price you paid for the fuel. From here it's simply dividing the journey distance by the vehicles economy to get the amount of gallons required to complete the journey, converting gallons to litres followed by multiplying this resulting figure by the price per litre of fuel.

Random Fuel Facts

1. In Turkmenistan, car drivers were previously entitled to 120 litres of free petrol a month, this was stopped in 2014. source
2. Fossil fuels are essentially the remains of plants of animals. source
3. The United States accounts for 20% of the entire world's gasoline consumption. source
4. Fossil fuels are non-renewable which means they cannot be made by humans. source
5. Diesel fumes are more carcinogenic than cigarettes and cause lung cancer. source
6. Around 80% of our energy comes from fossil fuels. source
7. The fossil fuels we use today began forming during the Carboniferous Period which was before dinosaurs ruled the Earth. source
8. The price for gasoline in the UK is 2.5 times higher than the US, the 6th highest in the world. source

Our top 5 fuel money saving tips

1: Remove any un-neccesary weight from the vehicle
2. Ensure tyres are inflated to the recommended PSI
3. Reduce drag by removing roof racks & boxes when not in use
4. Use regular fuel unless your vehicle requires premium
5. Use fuel comparison services to find the cheapest forecourt near you