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MPG Calculator

To calculate your vehicles MPG (miles per gallon), simply enter the miles / kilometres travelled since your last fill up, how many litres you purchased and we'll do the rest. I've also added some tips and information on how to find our your cars economy. For more information on fuel prices in the UK and our driving efficiency tips be sure to have a go at some of our fuel saving tips

Miles Travelled
Litres Used

Our top 5 tips to improve your MPG

1: Remove any un-neccesary weight from the vehicle
2. Ensure tyres are inflated to the recommended PSI
3. Reduce drag by removing roof racks & boxes when not in use
4. Coast when approaching stops and roundabouts
5. Use the start-stop system on most modern vehicles

How to calculate MPG

To calculate a vehicles miles per gallon (MPG), divide litres used by 4.54609 to convert to gallons, divide miles travelled by the previous calculation result and this will give you the MPG, if entering the distance in km then you will also need to initially divide the kilometres entered by 0.621371 to convert to miles
Formula: miles/(litres/4.54609)=MPG